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Tidelands Ownership And Riparian Rights Attorneys

Property involving land that is presently or formerly tide-flowed can involve significant regulations and complex laws involving riparian rights that may affect your ability to develop, use or even clearly own the property. Whether you are a homeowner, developer, investor or business owner, it is important to know your rights as you confront tidelands ownership and related regulatory laws. At Van Dalen Brower LLC, we offer significant experience to protect the rights of our clients facing legal disputes involving tidelands ownership and use. We have been able to save our clients the potential payment of approximately $15 million dollars due to erroneous or overstated state tidelands claims.

Experienced Advocacy In Tidelands Ownership Property Disputes

Are you beset by title problems stemming from the state’s claim of ownership of former tidelands? Are you facing a legal dispute that may affect your title or ability to use your tideland or riparian property? At Van Dalen Brower LLC, our attorneys are experienced with the unique and complex issues facing tideland property owners and developers and their riparian rights. We represent both private clients and several national title insurance companies in issues involving tideland property ownership and use.

Representing Clients Across The Spectrum Of Issues

We can assist clients will all of the following:

  • Obtaining riparian grants: We represent clients interested in buying the state’s interest in tideland property
  • Leases and licenses: Our attorneys represent individuals, businesses and developers in obtaining short- and long-term leases and licenses to use tideland property
  • Statements of no interest: We represent clients requesting that the state acknowledge that it does not have property rights in specific parcels of claimed tidelands
  • Quiet title actions: We are prepared to take your case to court, if necessary, to challenge a state claim to your property

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