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Experienced Attorneys Resolving New Jersey Redevelopment Challenges

Redeveloping property can be a complicated business. Myriad issues can present themselves in the process of any residential, commercial, industrial or governmental redevelopment project. However, because land is scarce in New Jersey, redevelopment is an important part of the New Jersey development landscape.

The guidance and representation of an experienced environmental and land use law firm is pivotal to the success of your project, to your opposition to inclusion in a redevelopment designated area or to your opposition to a redevelopment plan. We have represented clients in some of the largest redevelopment projects in New Jersey.

At Van Dalen Brower LLC, our attorneys have represented clients as plaintiffs and defendants in myriad land use issues. With more than 80 years of combined experience, we provide bold, thoughtful and supportive legal counsel to our clients in several redevelopment and redevelopment-related areas, including:

  • Disputes regarding development and approval of a redevelopment plan
  • Disputes regarding designation of an area in need of redevelopment
  • Title review
  • Negotiation
  • Contract preparation
  • Bidding
  • Permitting and approval
  • Neighboring landowner, community and government relations
  • Administrative law
  • Taking law/eminent domain
  • Other land use issues

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Takings Law And Eminent Domain

We represent landowners and business owners across the state who have been impacted by takings and condemnation of property. Real estate development, zoning, roadway development (e.g., the New Jersey Turnpike widening), environmental land use, financing of projects and property appraisals can all be affected by eminent domain takings and inverse condemnation.

Takings/inverse condemnations involve the overregulation of property that deprives the owner of its beneficial use by a government defendant or condemning authority (e.g., a public utility) outside of the proper process of bringing a condemnation action in court. Examples include prohibiting development, forcing public access or creating a nuisance that damages property.

Such limitations on the use of your real property can diminish the economic value of your property and qualify as illegal takings.

Eminent domain involves formally taking your property for a redevelopment project or other public use such as highway construction. The government must pay a landowner just compensation and must engage in good faith negotiations over the price, but a landowner should never accept the government’s offer blindly.

It is in the government’s interest to pay as little as possible for the land it intends to acquire. Sometimes the true value of the land sought is several times higher than what the government has offered, and it takes experienced lawyers to make sure that truly just compensation is received.

Take Appropriate Legal Action

As a property owner, you may take action to protect against the government wrongfully exercising the power of eminent domain or underpaying for the land taken or damaged.

We can also help you take action to recover property value that has been taken or damaged as the result of inverse condemnation. We can help you seek compensation for your losses.

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