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New Jersey Environmental Compliance Attorneys

Penalty actions by the state of New Jersey are real possibilities for property developers. Limited land availability in the state and strong concerns over environmental impacts equate to tight regulations.

Our attorneys are experienced in cases involving several critical issues, including:

  • Filling, altering or building on wetlands without approval
  • Constructing homes in a coastal area without a CAFRA permit
  • Municipalities penalized for harming an endangered species with their activities
  • Pollution discharge and hazardous waste issues
  • Various other environmental issues

There are a number of state statutes, regulations and rules governing environmental compliance. Regulators and members of the public have the ability to file enforcement actions against property owners, businesses and land developers they assert to have violated environmental laws.

We will take immediate and strategic action to defend your interests if you are accused of violations and facing penalties.

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Facing Environmental Enforcement Actions

Enforcement actions try to assess a penalty and require compliance with certain laws within a specific timeframe. You may face an enforcement action with two choices: restore the site or be fined.

We will represent you in any administrative proceedings, state courts and federal courts, and we will take your case to appellate court if necessary. We may contest the entire action based on facts and law, seek to have the penalty reduced and seek an extension to the timeframe for compliance.

Our firm has represented clients before several regulatory agencies, including the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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