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A Firm Focused On Resolving Environmental Law Issues

Environmental disputes can affect businesses, developers, industrial sites and individual homeowners. They can have serious economic consequences for all parties involved. When faced with a complex environmental legal dispute, your rights and future interests may be at stake. At Van Dalen Brower LLC, we take a strategic and comprehensive approach to protect your investments and long-term interests.

Permits, Land Use, Development And Ownership Rights

Whether it’s industrial air pollution compliance, waterfront development, Looking into an industrial site or you are an individual homeowner or business interested in expanding the usage of your property, it is important to work with an experienced team of environmental legal strategists who can protect your rights. Our firm represents clients in cases involving:

  • Environmental land use/permitting: We represent clients in diverse disputes involving the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission and other state agencies, including wetlands cases, stormwater runoff approval and cases involving CAFRA (Coastal Areas Facility Review Act).
  • Waterfront development: Our attorneys represent individuals and developers interested in building in or along the water. We can help them obtain waterfront development, flood hazard area (stream encroachment) and other land development or usage permits necessary for waterfront properties.
  • Eminent domain: We represent clients in condemnation actions and cases involving over-regulation (de facto taking) where people or businesses lose the benefit of their land because of the restrictions placed upon them by the government.

Environmental Penalty Defense

In addition to helping our clients secure permits, we also defend clients in penalty actions taken by the state of New Jersey. We are experienced in cases involving filling, altering or building on wetlands without approval; constructing homes in a coastal area without a CAFRA permit; municipalities penalized for harming an endangered species with their activities; and pollution discharge issues.

Our attorneys will take immediate and strategic action to defend your interests if you are accused of violations and facing penalties. You may face an enforcement action to restore the site or impose a fine. We will represent you in any administrative proceedings and take your case to appellate court if necessary.

Extensive Experience In New Jersey Environmental Matters

All of the attorneys at the firm worked for the state in the attorney general’s office, handling environmental law concerns. In 2004, we formed a firm to represent the private sector in these matters. We know the personnel, the procedures and everything that the state looks at in terms of environmental law.

Call our lawyers today at 609-503-7016 or contact us by email to schedule a consultation regarding your question, case or claim with an experienced environmental law advocate.