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Knowledgeable Legal Guidance In Government Contracting

Bidding and contracting is a competitive marketplace. Doing business with the government sector can be rewarding, but vendors also face many challenges, including pre-qualification and qualification, as well as rules governing bid preparation, bid execution, negotiation, bonding requirements, the conducting of business, certifications and overall compliance.

Noncompliance, even as a result of being unaware of a certain technical rule, can result in bid rejection. At Van Dalen Brower LLC, we assist clients with the full range of issues in the government bidding and contracting process prior to bidding and following contract award, including:

  • Clarifying bid and project specifications
  • Challenging specifications prior to bid submission, if necessary
  • Challenging wrongful exclusion from pre-qualification and qualification
  • Defense of winning bids from challenges or challenging improper winning bids
  • Contract compliance
  • Negotiation of change orders, penalties, mitigation, term extensions and other issues

Protecting Your Best Interests And Advantages

Our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience in the government sector, where we handled many bid disputes and even wrote some of the bidding regulations. Since 2004, our firm has been representing the interests of private parties throughout New Jersey.

We are prepared to guide you through the process of government bidding and contracting while protecting your best interests in claims and disputes regarding noncompliance. We work with government entities to ensure the bidding process is fair, in our clients’ best interests and advantageous for each party involved in the project.

As our client, we will help you sculpt proposals that are viable. We also assist clients whose bids have been rejected or bypassed, challenging the bids of other vendors on the basis of a number of possible factors.

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