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Resolving Underground Storage Tank Issues For The Benefit Of All Parties

When you discover leaks in an underground storage tank (UST), approaching the matter with mindfulness of the environment, your neighbors and others on site is crucial. Our law firm assists clients throughout the state with environmental and legal response to leaking USTs and cleanup.

USTs can become damaged or corroded over the years and are a frequent source of contamination to groundwater and soil. If you are building on a residential, commercial or industrial site with USTs, an environmental assessment will need to occur before development can commence.

Funding For Underground Storage Tank Cleanup

Our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience between them, and they are familiar with the potential liabilities you face. We will seek relief from insurance companies. We will seek government grants and loans, to the extent they are available, to assist with cleanup and restoration efforts.

Our assistance includes guidance when applying for state loans and grants, negotiations with insurance companies and protection in the case of other liabilities such as personal injury and property damage claims.

In the course of considering acquisition, development, redevelopment or land restoration projects, we are at your service to protect your personal interests and the safety of all parties impacted by potential contamination, remediation and restoration efforts.

Contact Our Office Today If You Need Assistance

Please email or call our New Jersey underground storage tank lawyers at 609-503-7016 or toll-free at 866-640-3271 to speak with one of our lawyers about a consultation or case evaluation. We respond promptly and can discuss your case over the phone, in our office or on site.